Brexit and Donald Trump are just the beginning of a great world revolution

Nigel Paul FarageThe former leader of the British Eurosceptic and anti-immigration UK Independence Party Nigel Paul Farage, said yesterday that the victories of Brexit and Donald Trump are just the beginning of a great world revolution.

“In 2016 we did it!”, said Farage to participants at the annual meeting of the American conservatives close to Washington, shortly after the arrival of US President at the forum. “Should we have strong vetting? Should we make sure that we’re a place that illegal immigrants can’t come? Should we have a proper balanced system where we take good people in from around the world? Absolutely that’s exactly what we should be doing. It doesn’t matter as long as it stops terrorists coming in”, added the former leader of UK Independence Party.

Nigel Farage urged the British public to welcome President Trump’s immigration policy. Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban, which restricted people from entering the US from seven majority-muslim country’s, led to protests at several cities and airports across America.

“When the future generations study the history of this period, a year will stand out among the rest, and it will be 2016”, said the British politician, who was one of the main drivers of the campaign for the exit of Britain from the EU in June last year.

Speaking about the upcoming elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany and possibly Italy, Farage said that 2016 was only “the beginning of a great global revolution that will reach the rest of the western world”.