China steps up with energy diversification

energy diversificationShale gas production in China increased by just over 50% in March, according to data from the National Statistics Office. Last month, in the country were produced totally 1.15 billion cubic meters of shale gas. For the first quarter the yield grew by 17.4% to 2.67 billion cubic meters.

At the same time, natural gas extraction is increasing, which is a clear signal that the country is improving its energy structure and diversifying traditional energy sources.

One of the major energy resources in the Asian state is coal. Because of serious environmental problems, however, China is looking for ways to change its energy mix. Renewable energy sources have been developing vigorously in the last few years. Now authorities are also paying attention to natural gas, which is a much more environmentally friendly source of energy than coal. The increased shale gas yield is due to the more active activity in Sichuan province, where the largest deposits in the country are located. The fields are operated by the China National Petroleum Corporation.

China has ambitions to become one of the leading exporters of shale gas, basing its expectations on the discovery of large raw material reserves.