Details for internal market will be specified at the second stage of the Brexit negotiations

Theresa MayBritish Prime Minister Theresa May said today that the government will give more details on how to protect and preserve Britain’s domestic market during the second stage of talks on Brexit. The negotiations are progressing and are making good progress, she noted in parliament. On the issue of preventing the so-called a firm border on the island of Ireland Mae said: “We will take the necessary measures to have no solid border”.

“We will do this by respecting the constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom and respecting the internal market and protecting the UK’s internal market”, added she.

Ireland and the other EU members want the United Kingdom to give details on how customs controls and other border barriers can be avoided before the negotiations move to the next stage where Brexit’s trading relationship is discussed.

Brexit Minister David Davis said today to a parliamentary committee that the UK has not made formal sectoral analyzes of the economy since the country’s EU exit, adding that such is not needed yet. The comments have criticized the way the government is dealing with the complicated divorce process at a time when the talks in Brussels are stagnant due to a lack of understanding about the Irish border issue after Brexit.