Energy produced by solar panels increased by 50% in 2016

photovoltaic systemsEnergy produced by solar panels increased by 50% in 2016, thanks to new plants in the US and China, according to the message of the organization Solar Power Europe. The data shows that in 2016 were installed 76.1 MW of new capacity, which is a historical record.

The growth of new panels in the US and China in 2016 was twice higher than 2015. In Europe, however, new plants decreased by 20% – from 8.6 gigawatts installed in 2015 to 6.9 gigawatts in 2016.

Because of the growth in China, Asia already holds 66% market share of photovoltaic systems worldwide. In China, the new installations in 2016 were 125% higher (34.2 gigawatts). In the US capacity is double than that of the former solar leader – Europe.

In Europe, the price of solar energy has reached historic low and continues to decline. The tenders for the sale of electricity from photovoltaic systems in Germany the price fell by about 25%, according to the analyze of Solar Power Europe.