France closes its oldest nuclear power plant

NPP FesenemThe oldest nuclear power plant in France, NPP Fesenem, will be stopped until April 2020 after being commissioned by the third generation reactor in Flamanville. The closure of NPP Fesenem in the country’s northeast was the election promise of the campaign of President Francois Hollande in 2012 in the framework of its commitment to reduce its dependence on France nuclear energy and develop renewable energy sources.

Workers and management of the plant operator, the energy company EDF, as well as some opposition parties and presidential candidates have opposed these efforts. Much to the disappointment of German EDF managed to get on Thursday a new postponement of the closure of the 40-year-old company built on seismic fault in eastern France, near the Franco-German and Franco-Swiss border.

Following the publication of today’s decree, the trade unions at EDF expressed concern about 2,000 direct and indirect jobs related to the plant in Alsace. The environmentalists in France for years fighting for the closure of NPP Fesenem that runs from 1977.

Nuclear power is the largest source for electricity in France with a share of about 75%. According to a law passed in 2015, this share should be reduced to 50% by 2025.