Gas in Ukrainian storage facilities decreased to 8.6 billion cbm

Gas pipeUkrtransgas has 8.6 billion cbm of natural gas at the storage facilities in Ukraine, according to the data of the company. Compared to last week, the reserves decreased by almost 5%. As of February 13 at the repositories of Ukraine were kept 8.9 billion cbm. The theme of the available gas reserves in the country is raised regularly by the Russian company Gazprom, which concerns were to ensure the transit of Russian gas to Europe.

According to Russian analysts quantities of gas are minimal because between 6 and 7 billion cbm of technical gas, ie the raw material required to be maintained pressure in the repository. This buffer can also be used under certain conditions, but usually it means a repository to be destroyed.

In Ukraine has repeatedly stated that there will be no problems with gas supply. But the country started the winter with less pressurized gas in storage to 14.5 billion cbm, compared to about 17 billion cbm last year.

Because of the colder than expected winter country draws larger quantities of gas from the beginning of 2016. However, expectations are that the injected material will cover the country’s needs until the end of the heating season in April.

In 2016 Ukraine did not received gas from Russia directly, but through connections to neighboring European countries. Part of the demand is covered from domestic production.