Google invest 800 million USD in LG’s OLED screens

Pixel screenThe smartphone market enters in new competitive battle, in which the screens will play an important role. The internet giant Google is ready to invest 1 trillion KRW or nearly 880 million USD in South Korea’s LG, which is one of the largest manufacturers of OLED screens.

The American company wants to secure stable supply of flexible OLED screens for its new smartphone Pixel.

At the moment, the Pixel and Pixel XL use AMOLED displays supplied by Samsung and only feature a slight 2.5D curvature on the edges of the protective Gorilla Glass. The size of the investment could increase, with Google aiming to secure a stable supply of flexible OLED panels for the next Pixel. Google is specifically making an investment in a facility to help LG boost display output.

The rival Samsung already using flexible display their most key models. Since Apple is also expected to use this technology in the new iPhone.

South Korean LG declined to comment on the topic, while Google has not been found to occur.