L’Oreal reduced emissions of its factories by 67% since 2005

LOrealThe French cosmetics giant L’Oreal Group has cut emissions of its factories and distribution centers by 67% compared to 2005, while the company has increased its production by 29% over the same period. This shows the company’s annual Sharing Beauty with All program.

L’Oreal Group said it plans to work even harder to minimize its environmental footprint and continue its fight against climate change. The news was announced amid worrying data about the increasingly serious consequences of climate change, even affecting the cosmetics industry.

“Climate change is a fact and this affects the most vulnerable in our chain, such as growers and producers of some of the natural ingredients for our products, such as Burkina Faso Shea Butter or South African Moroccan Argan Oil”, said Alexandra Palt, Director for Sustainable Development in L’Oreal. “Urgent action are needed. Once we have achieved half of our ambitions by 2020, we will redouble our efforts to reduce the footprint that we have on the environment and also to achieve more sustainable production and innovation”, added she.

By reducing emissions of its factories and distribution centers by 67% compared to 2005, L’Oreal has overtaken its 60% CO2 reduction targets four years earlier than expected, while increasing production by 29% over the same period. In addition, by the end of 2016, the Group already has 15 industrial sites that have achieved carbon neutrality.

These outstanding results are recognized by CDP, an independent international organization that assesses the environmental performance of companies around the world. In 2016, by nearly 3,000 companies rated, L’Oreal is one of the two companies in the world with the best rating “A” on three key criteria: climate protection, sustainable water management and the fight against deforestation.

At the same time, L’Oreal is committed to improving the environmental and social profile of 100% of its new and renewed products by 2020. This means that consumers around the world can be sure that every new L’Oreal product they buy has an improved impact on the environment and society. This commitment applies to all L’Oreal brands and 82% of the products released in 2016 (74% in 2015) are already showing such an improvement. Some of the new products that are on sale since 2016 have a biodegradability level of over 98%.