PlayStation is leader in gaming industry for money spent for television advertising

Playstation adsPlayStation is leader in gaming industry for money spent for television advertising, according to latest data. The survey shows that the gaming industry has increased its television advertising spending to 118.5 million USD in November this year from 102.3 million USD in October. PlayStation continues to dominate by giving nearly half of the industry’s funds for this type of advertising. After that, Nintendo and Xbox are ranked with almost similar titles.

In total, 31 brands broadcast 119 ads over 24,500 times, generating an impressive 5.9 billion TV views.

PlayStation is headed with the 52.2 million USD spent on 16 ad spots, shown 5,200 times and generating 1.9 billion TV ad impressions. The ad with the largest placement budget (11.5 million USD) is Star Wars Battlefront II: Heroes Are Born.

Nintendo has more than doubled its television advertising costs from October to November – up to 23.1 million USD. The brand has elapsed 27 ads over 7600 times and generated 1.4 billion impressions. Its most expensive advertising in terms of positioning (4 million USD) is “Get Together With Great Games”, which promotes the Switch console.

Third is the Xbox with a 21.9 million USD of TV advertising budget. It has been spent on 5 ads that have been broadcast 2200 times, generating 841.2 million TV impressions. “Feel True Power”, which includes Kanye West’s music, is the company’s most high-end advertising. The company has paid 19.2 million USD for its broadcast.

Fourth in the list is Blizzard Entertainment with about 4.3 million USD budget for television advertising, followed by King with 2.2 million USD.