Verizon signed billion-dollar frame agreement with Corning

VerizonThe US telecom Verizon is preparing a solid deal for acquisition of optic fiber company from Corning for at least 1.05 billion USD over the next three years. With this, the telecom operator aims to improve its network infrastructure. Under the agreement, Corning will sell 12.4 million miles of optic fiber to Verizon for each year from 2018 to 2020.

Meanwhile, Verizon is testing a 5G fixed wireless service along with Ericsson’s equipment maker on 11 US markets and expects to launch its launch early in 2018. The company, as well as its main competitor AT&T, is buying similar assets in the process of preparing for 5G networks.

Recently, Verizon has suggested that it has an interest in purchasing the Charter Communications cable operator, which will give it access to a network of fiber optics and cables through 49 million homes in the United States.